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Code42 Support

Configure Microsoft for the Code42 OneDrive data connection


You need to configure your Microsoft environment before you can authorize the Code42 data connection to it. To configure your Microsoft environment, verify that audit is turned on in preparation for the Code42 data connection. This article helps you verify that audit is on or turn it on if needed.


Code42 requires a Microsoft license or subscription that includes Audit (Standard) in order to monitor file activity in your OneDrive environment.

Code42 monitoring requires that audit is turned on
Audit must be turned on in your Microsoft environment in order for Code42 to be able to monitor file activity in OneDrive. If auditing is off, Code42 cannot collect data and no file events are displayed in Forensic Search.

If you have one of the Microsoft business licenses, you may need to turn on auditing in your environment before connecting with Code42. Unless it has previously been turned off, customers with a Microsoft enterprise license may already have auditing turned on by default.

Verify audit is turned on

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Purview compliance portal using your Microsoft global administrator username and password.
  2. Click Show all in the left navigation pane, then click Audit.
    If auditing is turned off in your environment, the banner at the top of the Search tab prompts you to start recording user and admin activity. This banner does not appear if auditing is already on.
    Enable audit in OneDrive
  3. If prompted, click the banner at the top of the Search tab to turn on audit.
    The banner updates to indicate that auditing is enabled and you can search for user and admin activity within 24 hours.
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