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Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2, yes.

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BambooHR configuration for Incydr Flows


The Incydr Context Flow for BambooHR automates tasks in Incydr based on information in your BambooHR system. When you update BambooHR when an employee is about to leave (or has left) the company, the Context Flow automatically adds that employee to the Departing watchlist in Incydr for additional monitoring. This article describes how to configure BambooHR in preparation for integration with Incydr Flows.


Incydr Flows:

  • Are a paid service on some product plans.
  • Are not available in the Code42 federal environment.
  • Require assistance and setup from Code42 Professional Services. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to engage the Code42 Professional Services team.

Configure BambooHR

Work with your BambooHR administrator to complete these configuration tasks in preparation for integration with an Incydr Context Flow:

  1. Contact BambooHR support to turn on webhooks in your BambooHR environment.
    Webhooks are not turned on by default. Contact BambooHR support to enable them at no charge in your environment. The webhook detects changes in an employee's status field and then sends this information to Incydr:
    • Employment status
    • Termination date
    • Employee email address
  2. Identify the subdomain you use to access your BambooHR environment (such as Generally, this subdomain is your organization's name.
  3. In BambooHR, use that subdomain in the URL to generate an API key or token for Code42.
    API keys can be generated at a URL similar to the following: Incydr Flows uses this API key to log in to your BambooHR environment, authenticate the Context Flow, and access information about departing employees. You or your BambooHR administrator enter this API key into Incydr during your kickoff meeting with Code42 Professional Services.
  4. Provide an email address to use for the workflow to Code42 Professional Services.
    Incydr Flows sends information about any errors that occur to this address.
  5. In the Code42 console, create an API client to use for the Context Flow.
    Incydr Flows uses this client to pass information from BambooHR to Incydr when employee departure information is updated in your BambooHR environment.

BambooHR Context Flow processing

After you configure BambooHR and integrate it with an Incydr Context Flow, users in Incydr are automatically added to the Departing watchlist based on information in the employee's object in BambooHR. Processing completes based on this information flow as follows:

  1. You enter information about an employee's departure (such as their email address and departure date) into BambooHR. That updated information is listed in the employmentStatus table.
  2. Incydr Flows accesses that table in BambooHR. From that information, Incydr Flows:
    • Identifies which employees in the table are noted to have been "terminated" within the last day.
    • Determines if there is a departure date associated with those employees. If not, Incydr emails you to request one.
    • Determines whether those employees have usernames in Incydr. If not, Incydr emails you to add the employees as Incydr users.
  3. If the employee has a username in Incydr, Incydr Flows then completes these tasks:
    1. Adds them to the Departing watchlist in Incydr, if not already present.
    2. Updates the departure date in their Incydr user profile, if needed.
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