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Instructor, no.

Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2, yes.

Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1, yes.

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File risk indicator activity reference


The Risk Exposure dashboard shows all of the file events that occurred across your organization broken down by risk indicators.

To see file events broken down by file risk indicators, sign in to the Code42 console.

For more information about the Risk Exposure dashboard, see: 

For permissions, licensing, and visibility considerations for the Risk Exposure dashboard, see Risk Exposure dashboard reference

File risk indicator activity

File activity by file risk indicator

File risk indicators are dynamic
The list of file risk indicators shown is dynamic. Only risk indicators with untrusted file activity are shown.

For example, if there is no untrusted file activity involving source code, that indicator is not listed.
Item Description
a Selected time frame Shows the time frame in which the file activity occurred. Change the time frame in the upper-right corner of the page. 
b Filter

Click to filter the graph and events in the table by:

c Selected file risk indicator

Shows the summary of file activity for the following file risk indicators:

  • Audio
  • Document
  • Executable
  • Image
  • PDF
  • Presentation
  • Script
  • Source Code
  • Spreadsheet
  • Video
  • Virtual Disk Image
  • Zip

For more information about file risk indicators, see Risk settings reference.

d File risk indicators Select a file risk indicator to see its graph.
e Events

Displays the count of total file events for a file risk indicator and a visual representation of the number of file events. File events include when files are:

  • Moved to removable media or cloud sync folders
  • Uploaded via a browser or other app
  • Shared publicly or directly from your corporate cloud storage*
  • Sent from your corporate email provider*

*Requires Code42 have access to monitor your cloud storage environment and email services.


The default sort order is from the highest number of events to the lowest. 

f Size Displays the total file size of file events for a file risk indicator. 
g Activity preview Shows a visual representation of file activity for the selected time frame.
h View details View event details Click to view the details of file events for a file risk indicator.


Filter options

Item Description
a Event severity Select one or more file severities to view in the graph. No risk indicated events are file events that have a risk score of zero. For more details about calculating risk severity, see Risk settings reference.
b Risk indicator

Click to select one or more risk indicators to view in the graph. For more details about what risk indicators are and how they're applied, see Risk settings reference

c Apply Click Apply to filter the information in the graph by your criteria or click Cancel.

View details

View details

Item Description
a Risk indicator

Shows the selected risk indicator. For more details about what risk indicators are and how they're applied, see Risk settings reference.

b Untrusted events Shows the number of events that are NOT trusted in your Code42 environment. Trust is evaluated based on your trust settings. You can view all events, trusted or not, in Forensic Search. 
c Investigate in Forensic Search Investigate in Forensic Search Click to view all of the untrusted events in Forensic Search.
d View details View event details  Click to view more details about the events.
e Number of events by severity Shows the number of file events by the selected severities. For more information about how severity is determined, see Risk settings reference.
f Top users by events

Shows the users with the most file activity for the selected risk indicators and filters. 

Email address only
If you see a user with just an email address and no Code42 username, the email address hasn't been designated as a cloud alias or the user doesn't have the Code42 agent on their device.
g Watchlist  Shows what watchlists, if any, the user is on. For more information about watchlists, see Watchlists reference.
h File events with associated severity Shows the number of file events and the total file size for the selected file severities.
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