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Endpoint dashboard reference


The Code42 Endpoint dashboard shows endpoint activity from throughout your entire Code42 environment to help you identify endpoints (also known as devices) that aren't reporting security events.  

Endpoints may not be sending activity for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • The employee is on vacation and hasn't connected to the network.
  • The employee has left the company and their endpoint has been turned in to IT, but the endpoint is still active in your Code42 environment. For more information about deactivating an endpoint, see Deactivate and reactivate users and devices.
  • The endpoint can't connect to the network. For more information about how to troubleshoot network connection issues, see Code42 app status messages.
  • The Code42 service has been disabled on the endpoint or the Code42 app has been uninstalled.

For more details, see Resolve endpoints that are not reporting security events.


  • To use this functionality, Incydr users must be assigned specific roles. For more information, see Permissions for Incydr

  • This functionality is only available with the Incydr Advanced and Gov F1 product plans. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for assistance with licensing, or to upgrade to an Incydr product plan. If you do not know your CSM, contact our Technical Support Engineers.

    Endpoint dashboard

    To open the Endpoint dashboard:

    1. Sign in to the Code42 console
    2. Select Administration > Status > Endpoint Dashboard.

    Endpoints not reporting security events 

    Endpoints Not Reporting Security Events

    Item Description
    a Selected time frame

    Shows endpoint connectivity for the time frame displayed. Click to change the time frame.

    b Connectivity details

    Displays connectivity details for a specific day, such as: 

    • The date the data was collected
    • The number of endpoints that are not reporting out of the total number of endpoints that should be reporting this day
    • The number of days that the endpoints haven't reported any security event activity

    Click a bar in the graph to see a summary of the devices for that day. Then, click Export to download a CSV file of the endpoints not reporting for that day.

    c Filter

    Click to show the warning or critical levels in the graph: 

    • Warning: These endpoints haven't reported any security events for at least 4 days.
    • Critical: These endpoints haven't reported any security events for at least 10 days.

    Data summary

    To see a data summary, click a bar on the graph for a particular day. Click any column in the summary to sort by that value. 

    Endpoints Not Reporting Security Events preview window

    Item Description
    a Summary information Displays the state of the devices not reporting (critical or warning), the number of devices not reporting, and the number days that they haven't reported events.
    b Endpoint

    Displays the hostname of the device. If you have permissions to see the device details, click to see more details about this endpoint in the Code42 console.


    To learn more about user roles and permissions, see Roles reference.

    c User

    Displays the name of the user that owns the device. If you have permissions to see user details, click to see more details about this user in the Code42 console. 


    To learn more about user roles and permissions, see Roles reference.

    d Days since last event

    The number of days it's been since the last security event was reported for that endpoint. If an endpoint has never reported a security event, it reports "More than 30 days," as shown in the image above.

    e Rows per page Click to change the number of rows shown per page.
    f Pagination Click to navigate through the pages of results.
    g Export

    Click to download a CSV file of this data. The CSV file additionally lists the DeviceGuid, which is not shown in the data summary window.


    Exports are limited to 50,000 devices. 

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