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Instructor, no.

Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2, yes.

Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1, yes.

Code42 Support

Downloads reference


The Downloads page displays the Code42 agent versions available in your Code42 environment, and provides links for users and administrators to download the Code42 agent.


To use this functionality, you must be assigned the Security Administrator role. 


To access Downloads:

  1. Sign in to the Code42 console.
  2. Select Administration > Agent Management > Downloads.

App_Downloads screen with annotations

Item Description
a Agent type

Select the tab for the agent type you want to download.

  • Insider risk agent: Monitors endpoint and cloud activity to detect risk
  • Backup agent: Backs up user files
  • Legacy agent: Monitors endpoint and cloud activity to detect risk, and backs up user files

Available agent types vary based on your product plan.

n Operating system

The device operating system for each Code42 agent.


For the backup and legacy agent:

  • Use Mac - Apple Silicon processor for devices using Apple chips such as M1. Upon upgrade, M1 devices automatically use this installer.
  • Use Mac - Intel processor for Intel-based Macs. 
c App version

Version for each Code42 agent. Click to sort the list by version number. 


In some places, the insider risk agent displays two values: the app version, and the feature pack version. This table displays the first value, which is the App version.

Insider risk agent version number details

The version number includes two values, for example: 1.6.2 (1.7.0). The two numbers reflect the insider risk agent's architecture, which includes two distinct components: a launcher and a service.

  • The first number is the App version, which indicates the version of the executable used to start the Code42 AAT Service. Some non-Code42 locations, such as third-party deployment tools and properties displayed by a device's operating system, only display this number.
  • The second number (in parenthesis) is the Feature pack version, which indicates the features and functionality of the agent. This number is used throughout the Code42 console. In most places, it is displayed alongside the App version.
d Build Build number for each Code42 agent.
e Hash (SHA-1)

The SHA-1 hash of the Code42 agent installer. This enables you to validate the authenticity of the downloaded file. To validate the file:

  1. Use your tool of choice to calculate the SHA-1 hash of the downloaded file.
  2. Confirm the hash of your installer file matches the hash displayed in the Code42 console.
f Installer extension The file extension type for each installer file.
g Copy to clipboard icon Copies the download link to your clipboard. 
h Download icon

Downloads the Code42 agent to your local file system.

Extract necessary files for deployment
Insider risk agent only
If you are unable to deploy an EXE file for Windows downloads, extract the MSI file using one of these methods. You must also install a dependency included in the EXE: the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable version 14.20.27508.0 or newer (if it's not already on your device).

For Mac downloads, you can convert a DMG file to a PKG file to meet your deployment needs.
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