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Deployment policies reference


Configure deployment packages that install Code42 agents on your users' devices according to your specifications. Integrate your apps with SSO, for example, and install silently, without user intervention. This article describes each element of the Deployment Policies interface.


This article assumes you understand the introduction to deployment provided by the article Deploy Code42 agents.

  • To use these deployment tools, you need to sign in to your Code42 console as a user with the Security Administrator role. 
  • In the Code42 federal environment, app installations must be deployed with a deployment policy to ensure the use of FIPS encryption in the Code42 agent. Users cannot download the installation package from the Code42 console or an email message.
  • Do not restore Code42 application files backed up from one device as a means to install the insider risk agent on a different device. Application files are unique to each device and cannot be transferred to a new device.

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Insider risk agent

Code42 agent, backup agent, and legacy agent

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