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Instructor, no.

Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2, yes.

Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1, yes.

Code42 Support

Changes to the Code42 console navigation


The early December 2020 update to the Code42 console introduces a new and improved navigation menu, which makes using the Code42 console easier than ever before. This article guides you through the major changes in the Code42 console. 


  • The Code42 console changes happen automatically, with no action required on your part. An option to revert to the previous navigation interface is not available. 
  • The changes you see in the Code42 console vary depending on your product plan. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for assistance with licensing​​​. If you do not know your CSM, please contact our Technical Support Engineers.

Code42 console changes

The navigation menu now appears across the top of the screen, providing access to all the components of your environment. The horizontal orientation of menu items increases the area in which to view insider risk data. In addition to menu items now appearing across the screen, some screens are grouped in new ways for enhanced usability.  

Incydr navigation

Click the logo in the top left corner of the screen to access the Risk Exposure dashboard


Dashboards give you insight into your organization's current risk exposure and show how insider risk trends change over time.

User Activity 

Previously found within the Investigation menu, User Activity now appears as a primary menu item, giving you quicker and easier access to the All Users list and Watchlists.  


The Alerts menu gives you access to view alerts and manage alert rules, just like in the previous navigation structure.  


If your product plan includes Cases, a new Cases menu item appears in the top navigation menu. Previously, Cases appeared within the Response menu.   

Forensic Search

Previously under the Investigation menu, Forensic Search now appears as a primary menu, giving you quicker and easier access to Search and Saved Searches. These options now appear as menu options, rather than as tabs on the Forensic Search screen. 


In the updated Code42 console navigation, the Administration menu is expanded with additional options for managing and configuring your Code42 environment.

  • Items in Administration are grouped into categories for easy navigation. You can easily switch between categories using the secondary navigation bar. 
  • Search for users, organizations, or devices using the Search box on the right, available from within the Administration section. 



The following options are available from Administration > Environment:

  • Data Preferences
  • Organizations
  • Users
  • Devices
  • Support Access
  • Keystore

Data Preferences, Support Access, and Keystore were previously found in Administration > Settings.  

On the OrganizationsUsers, and Devices screens, options such as Active and Deactivated now appear across the top of the screen.


Agent Management

The following options are available from Administration > Agent Management:

  • Downloads
  • Deployment
  • Customizations (Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1)
  • Agent Updates

Legal Hold

(Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1)

The following options are available from Administration > Legal Hold:

  • Matters 
  • Preservations Policies

Depending on your product plan, Legal Hold may appear as a primary menu item.


The following options are available from Administration > Status:

  • Endpoint Dashboard (Incydr Advanced and Gov F1 product plans only)
  • Backup Usage (Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1): This option was previously listed as Usage under Administration > Dashboards.  
  • Subscriptions
  • Audit Log: This option previously appeared under Reporting and is now separated for easier access.  
  • Reporting (Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1): Access the Organization Backup, User Backup, and Device Status reports from this option.  


The following options are available from Administration > Integrations

  • API Clients
  • Identity Management: This option was previously found under Settings.  
  • Data Connections: This option was previously labeled Data Sources, found under Investigation.  


This menu item only appears for retired product plans. Previously found in the Investigation menu, the following items now appear in the Security menu. 

  • Activity Notifications
  • User Activity 

Announcements menu

A new Announcements menu is available, from which you can easily access the latest Release Notes, Customer Toolkit Resources, and University Training


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