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Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2
Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1

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Instructor, no.

Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2, no.

Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1, yes.

Code42 Support

Backup Usage reference


The Backup Usage dashboard displays a summary of users and storage in your Code42 environment.

For details about all features of the Code42 console, see Code42 console overview.

Backup Usage

The Backup Usage dashboard displays a high-level overview of users and storage in your Code42 environment.

To view the Backup Usage dashboard, go to Administration > Status > Backup Usage.


Item Description
a Usage Contains information about user storage, online devices, and restores.

Average Storage Per User

Average storage consumed by each user in your Code42 environment.
c Largest Archive The largest archive in your Code42 environment.
d Online Devices The number of devices connected to your Code42 cloud instance. This number includes devices backing up as well as devices that are connected, but not currently backing up.
e Storage Utilization

The 20 users with the largest backups. Hover over each section to display the associated username and amount of data backed up for that user. Each segment of the pie chart is also a link to that user's details screen.

f Last updated Indicates the last time the information in this graph was updated. (Storage statistics do not display in real time.)
g Last 30 Days Total number of restores performed in your Code42 environment in the past 30 days.
h Files Restored Total number of files restored in your Code42 environment in the past 30 days.
i Size Restored The total size of all data restored within the past 30 days.
j Backup Restores Total number of restores initiated each day for the past 30 days.
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