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Differences between your Code42 accounts

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Small Business
  • Code42 for Enterprise


Your account for using CrashPlan for Small Business or Code42 for Enterprise is separate from your account for getting support from our Customer Champions. This article explains what each account is used for and provides links to sign in with each account.

Code42 app account

Use your CrashPlan for Small Business or Code42 for Enterprise account to sign in to the Code42 app and to manage your account information in the administration console:

  • Restore files over the web
  • Manage your subscription
  • Edit account information

You can sign in to the administration console here:

Code42 support

The credentials CrashPlan for Small Business and Code42 for Enterprise customers use to log in to the Code42 app are different than those used to work with Code42 Customer Champions. 

In addition to working with Customer Champions, Code42 for Enterprise customers can use their credentials to access the customer community via the customer portal. Using these specific credentials helps us better meet your unique needs.

Get support based on the product you're using:

CrashPlan for Small Business

As a CrashPlan for Small Business customer, you can submit support tickets and initiate a chat with support anonymously, but creating an account here enables you to:

  • Easily track your support requests
  • Browse and contribute to user forums
  • Administrators only: track all requests for your organizations

Code42 for Enterprise

For the quickest and most efficient support experience, sign in to the customer portal to create a support case or initiate a chat. Signing in helps us provide you with a more seamless customer experience, especially when requests are escalated or when multiple Code42 teams are assisting with a resolution. Signing in also helps us provide more personalized support and give you access to the customer community.

  • Sign in here to:
    • File a case
    • Initiate a chat
    • View your open cases
    • Participate in the customer community
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