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Code42 for EnterpriseSee product plans and features
CrashPlan for Small Business 

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

Link: Product plans and features.

Code42 Support

How to use the Code42 support site


The Code42 support site has a comprehensive collection of up-to-date resources to help you get the most out of your Code42 products, including tutorials, reference guides, and troubleshooting solutions for new users and experienced administrators alike.

This article explains how to use the support site, including:

  • How to navigate the site hierarchy
  • Search and filtering options
  • Additional resources and page features, including a site map.

Use the links below to learn how to get the most out of the features and information available throughout the support site.

Site organization and navigation

The support site has two main sections of content: CrashPlan for Small Business and Code42 for Enterprise. These sections of content are visible from the banners on the homepage.

Site map
Visit the site map to view all support site content.

Home page

Item Description
a Code42  Click to open in a new tab.
b Support Click to get back to the homepage from anywhere on the support site. 
c Contact Support Click to get help from our Customer Champions from anywhere on the support site. 
d Search Enter a term to search the entire support site.
e Plus icon Click to see all the announcements from Code42 such as latest releases.
f CrashPlan for Small Business CrashPlan for Small Business section of content.
g Code42 for Enterprise Code42 for Enterprise section of content.
h Terms and Conditions Click to see all articles tied to terms and conditions such as product lifecycle policies, support policies, and legal terms and conditions.
i About this site Click to return to this article.
j What's New Click to see the latest release notes.
k Chat icon Click to get help from our Customer Champions from anywhere on the support site.

Guide pages within content

The following image shows a guide page, which shows the different categories of content for a version.

Guide page

Item Description
a Search Enter a term to search the entire support site.
b Index Opens the site index, which provides a list of all help categories.
c Breadcrumb Shows the pages in the site hierarchy or the pages you visited to get to the current article. Click a link in the breadcrumb to go to that page.
d Versions Click a version heading to see documentation specific to that version.
e Table of contents Lists the material covered in the article. Click any heading to go directly to that section of the article.
f Category links Click a help category listed below each version to see more content about in that category.
g Plus icon Click to see all of the categories of content for a version.

Category pages within content

The following image shows a category page, which shows the individual articles for each category.

Category page

Item Description
a Save as PDF Converts this article to a PDF to print or view offline.
b Share this page Options for sharing this page via social media.
c Other versions These links will take you to other versions of the content. Use these links to see content that pertains to your version. If a version is not listed, the article doesn't exist for that version.
d Product plan indicator Indicates if the content applies to CrashPlan for Small Business and the various product plans in Code42 for Enterprise.

Search for terms

You can search from within any article using the search bar on the upper-right.


The image below is an example of a search for the term "settings."

Duplicate search results
If you see what look like duplicate articles in your search results, it is usually because your search returned articles with the same title from multiple help guides, categories, or versions. For example, a search for "getting started" returns separate articles from the CrashPlan and Administrator help guides. To filter the search results, click the filter button for a specific help guide or category.

Search results

Item Description
a Filters Click these buttons to filter your results to only show that type of content. For example, click Administrator resources to see articles that are only for administrators. Click CrashPlan to see content that is only for using the Code42 app. 
b See more results Click here to see a larger list of search results.
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