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Which CrashPlan version am I using?

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Small Business
  • CrashPlan PROe
  • Code42 CrashPlan (previously CrashPlan PROe)


This article describes how to find which version of the Code42 app you are using. Additionally, it describes how this version corresponds to documentation on this site. You can use the version selector in the upper-left corner of most articles here to filter documentation by your software version. 

Documentation version

Use the first digit of your software version and the table below to identify the version of documentation that applies to your Code42 app.

Software Version Corresponding Documentation Version
3.x 4
4.x 4
5.x 5

When an article is specific to a particular minor, maintenance, or patch release, then that version is noted in the article itself.

Finding your software version

CrashPlan for Small Business and Code42 for Enterprise

  1. Open the Code42 app.
  2. Go to Settings > Account.
  3. From Version, note the digits shown.

Find Version
In this example, documentation for version 4 applies to this Code42 app​.

Code42 for Enterprise

In version 5.0 and later, CrashPlan PROe is known as Code42 for Enterprise.

  1. Open the Code42 app.
  2. From the menu bar for your operating system:
    • Windows: Click Help > About Code42 CrashPlan
    • Mac: Click Code42 CrashPlan > About Code42 CrashPlan
  3. Note the version shown.

Code42 CrashPlan about version
In this example, documentation for version 5 applies to this Code42 app.

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