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Preserve non-English characters in filenames during a web restore


If you download files from the web to restore files that include non-English characters in the filename, you may find that the non-English characters appear distorted once the zip file is unzipped.

This is a known issue with the way many unzipping programs handle these characters. This article provides a solution.


Code42 app version 6.8.4 and earlier.


Upgrade the Code42 app to version 6.8.5 or later.

Alternative solution


Our Customer Champions have found that the program Bandizip is able to handle unzipping most files that contain filenames with non-English characters.

After selecting the zip file you wish to extract, click on the globe icon in the Bandizip app labeled Code Page. A drop-down list displays your options regarding the outbound character set encoding. Please keep in mind that this may not work for all character sets.


The default Mac unzip utility appears to handle international characters correctly.


Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives (like Linux Mint) provide an option when unzipping from the terminal to select the character set for outbound encoding. The command unzip -O <CHARSET> <file name>.zip triggers the option, where <CHARSET> is your native character encoding.

Character set UTF-8 works for most of Europe. See Wikipedia's character encoding article for more details.