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How file decryption works during downloads

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Before your files can be downloaded, they have to be decrypted with your key. The method for decrypting your files and accessing your key depends on how you download your files, as well as your security settings. This article describes the different options for downloading and decrypting files.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the Archive Encryption Key Security options before reading this article.

File decryption

When and where your backed up files are decrypted varies based on which download method you choose. Refer to the table below for details.

  State of files stored at backup destination Method of file transmission How are files transmitted? Where are files decrypted?
Code42 app Encrypted Internet or direct connection 1 Communication channel secured with 128-bit AES encryption Your computer
CrashPlan mobile app Encrypted Internet Communication channel secured with 128-bit AES encryption Your device
Administration console Encrypted Internet


Code42 servers

1 Note: If you download your files from a local destination, like an external hard drive, then files are not transmitted over a network. If you download your files from a cloud destination, like the Code42 cloud, files are transmitted over the Internet.

2 Note: Your Code42 for Enterprise administrator can configure your Code42 environment to use HTTP or HTTPS.

Downloading files from the administration console
If you download from the administration console, your files are decrypted on the servers. If you don't want your decrypted files stored on the servers, download your files from the Code42 app or the CrashPlan mobile app.