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Restore files


File backup is about more than just recovering files after a disaster — it’s about having access to your files and file history, no matter what the reason.

Use the quick steps below to download a few files from the Code42 app, or browse this guide for more in-depth information.

Code42 app

Download files from any device on your account using the Code42 app.

  1. See a list of backed-up files:
  • Code42 app version 6.8.3 and later:
    1. Click Restore Files.
    2. (Applies only if you have multiple devices) From the menu, select the device that originally backed up the files you want to restore.
  • Code42 app version 6.8.2 and earlier:
    1. Click Get Files.
  1. Browse or search for a file.
  2. Mouse over the file, and click the download icon download icon, or select several files and click Restore Files (or Get Files in Code42 app version 6.8.2 and earlier).

restore files from the Code42 app

Access files on the go

Need a file when you're away from the Code42 app? You can also download your files from​​​​​ any web browser

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