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Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Enterprise

Incydr, yes.

CrashPlan for Enterprise, yes.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, no.

This article applies to app versions 6, 7, and 8.

Code42 Support

Changes to the Code42 app beginning in version 6

Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Enterprise

Incydr, yes.

CrashPlan for Enterprise, yes.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, no.

This article applies to app versions 6, 7, and 8.


Compared to version 4.x of the Code42 app, version 6.x and later introduces an entirely new and improved user interface, making backup and recovery easier than ever before. This article guides you through the major changes in the Code42 app. 

Version 5 of the Code42 app introduced the new user interface. Version 6 continues these improvements. This means if you upgrade to version 6 or later directly from version 4.x, you'll experience an entirely new app! (If you upgrade from version 5.x, you'll only notice a few small updates.) 

Introduction to the Code42 app

Home screen

A new Home view provides quick access to important tasks for each device on your account.
Code42 app version 6.8.2 and earlier: Click Details to view these settings. 

  • Click Restore Files to browse, search, and download backed up files.
  • Real-time backup statistics
  • Detailed destination status information
  • File selection summary and details
  • Backup sets and settings

Code42 app Home screen

Restore files

The Restore Files screen provides an updated experience for browsing, searching, and downloading your backed up files. (Called "Get Files" in version 6.8.2 and earlier.) For quick access to restored files and version history, hover over a file and click the download Download file icon or File version history icon file version icon.

restore files in the Code42 app

Restore files options

As with earlier versions of the Code42 app, you can choose where to download files to, what to do with existing files that match those files' names, and how to handle permissions. But starting in version 6, these options are easier to find and update.

After selecting the files you want to download, click: 

  • Restore Files (version 6.8.3 and later)
  • Get Files (version 6.8.2 and earlier)

The Restore Files options display automatically. After choosing options and downloading the files, click Downloads to view the files.

restore files options


Click Downloads in the upper-right corner to view and pause downloads, or open the folder containing the downloaded files. The Downloads link is always available from any screen in the app.

downloaded file history

Manage files

From the Home screen, click Manage Files to open the file selection browser. The browser replaces the file tree used in earlier versions of the Code42 app to select files for backup. If a user's file selection is locked from the Code42 console, that user can still browse files selected for backup.

Manage files

Device preferences

To view settings that apply to all backup sets or your whole device:

  • Code42 app version 6.8.3 and later: Select settings button Settings.
  • Code42 app version 6.8.2 and earlier: 
    1. Click Details.
    2. Select the arrow next to your device name.
    3. Choose Device preferences.
      device preferences

Device Preferences enable you to:

  • Add local destinations
  • Manage cloud destinations
  • Run maintenance to apply file selection and retention policy changes to a destination (Run Maintenance was previously labeled Compact)
  • Manage bandwidth and network connections
  • Require a password to open the Code42 app

Device preferences

Code42 app replace device wizard

The Code42 app version 6.x and later includes a replace device wizard to guide users through the process of transferring files, settings, and backups from one device to another. The replace device wizard improves upon the process known as "adoption" in earlier versions of the Code42 app.

There are two ways to access the replace device wizard:

  • On sign in: When a user with an existing backup signs in to the Code42 app on a new device, the user is prompted to either add a new device or replace an existing device. Selecting Replace Existing starts the wizard.
  • From the menu bar: Users can also initiate the replace device wizard by selecting Tools > Replace device (Windows and Linux) or File > Replace device (Mac).

The replace device wizard cannot be accessed or initiated from the Code42 console.

Replace device wizard intro

Notification area and menu bar apps

Starting in version 6, the notification area (Windows) and menu bar (Mac) app has a new user experience. The app provides quick access to basic functions, such as viewing backup status and starting or pausing a backup.

Menu bar/notification area app

To launch the notification area and menu bar app, click the Code42 icon Code42 menu bar icon in the Windows notification area or the Mac menu bar. In earlier versions of the Code42 app, you clicked a building icon in the Windows notification area (Code42 CrashPlan for Enterprise icon or Code42 CrashPlan for Small Business icon) or the Mac menu bar (CrashPlan menu bar icon).

Preferences for the notification area and menu bar app can be managed in the Code42 app  app from Device Preferences > General. These settings toggle the notification area/menu bar app on and off, and manage whether it should open by default when the user signs in to the device. Preferences for the notification area/menu bar app cannot be managed from the Code42 console.

Other changes

  • A Pause Backups link now appears next to the Restore Files button. Click Pause Backups to pause all backup activity for one hour. 
  • The backup progress indicator in both the app and the menu bar now displays the filename and completion percentage for the file currently being backed up. 
  • The settings for managing your account email and password are no longer in the Code42 app. Instead, you manage your account settings from Device Preferences > General > Manage account on the web
  • Several settings with limited usefulness to most users were removed from the Code42 app. These settings include advanced backup settings, the file verification scan schedule, controls for managing sending and receiving buffer size, and controls for TCP packet QoS. These settings can still be managed from the Code42 console.
  • The Code42 app lets you control how much CPU it can use when you are present and when you are away. Previous versions of the Code42 app allowed users to enter very low numbers. However, when the percentage of CPU usage is set to less than 10%, it can prevent your backup from completing. Starting in version 6, CPU usage cannot be set to less than 10% for both present and away settings. However, the Code42 app honors settings lower than 10% if they were previously configured.
  • On Windows, you can now choose to download files with either current or original permissions.
  • Computer-to-computer backup, also known as inbound backup, is no longer supported. Computer destinations cannot be managed from the Code42 app. See our troubleshooting article for steps to disable computer destinations.
  • Version 6.0.x only: The settings for managing backup frequency and versions are no longer available in the Code42 app. See our tutorial for step-by-step instructions on managing frequency and version settings from the Code42 console instead. (Frequency and version settings returned in version 6.5.)

Additional resources

Additional resources are available for both administrators and end users of the Code42 app version 6 and later.

End users
  • Get started: Provides instructions for starting and configuring an initial backup.
  • Code42 app reference: Detailed descriptions of Code42 app settings and features.
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