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Notification area and menu bar overview and settings

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The Code42 for Enterprise icon in the notification area (Windows) and menu bar (Mac) offers quick access to basic functions such as viewing the backup status, pausing the Code42 service, and starting a backup.

Before you begin

If the Code42 for Enterprise icon is not visible in the notification area (Windows) or menu bar (Mac), launch it from the Code42 app.

  1. Open the Code42 app.
  2. Select Details for your device.
  3. Click the arrow next to your device name.
  4. Select Device preferences > General:
  • Windows:
    • Enable Display Code42 icon in notification area.
    • (Optional) Enable Display Code42 icon in notification area on login.
  • Mac:
    • Enable Show Code42 status in menu bar.
    • (Optional) Enable Open Code42 in menu bar on login.

Notification area and menu bar app

Open the notification area item (Windows) or the menu bar app (Mac) to access basic functions:

  • Windows: In the lower right corner of the screen, click the Code42 for Enterprise icon Code42 CrashPlan icon.
  • Mac: In the top right corner of the screen, click the Code42 for Enterprise icon Code42 CrashPlan icon.

notification area app and menu bar app

Item Description
a Destination name

The name of backup destinations in use for the backup set.

b Backup set size

Size of the backup file selection for the backup set.

  • The size shown can fluctuate if the file verification scan is running.
  • The size shown may not equal the size of the backup set's archive as a result of compression, de-duplication, and version retention.
c Backup destination status icon

Indicates status of backup to this destination:

Details - Preparing

Backing up.

Details - Working Normally

Backing up according to your backup schedule and frequency settings. There may or may not be files in the list of files to be backed up.

Details - Missing Setup

Backup has not started because the backup set is missing files or folders in your backup file selection, missing a destination, or both. Backup will not start without completing setup.
Backup is not running Backup is not running. The Code42 app may be scanning the file selection, connecting to the destination, or preparing backup.
Backup is paused Backup to the destination is paused. You can still download files when the destination is paused.


Unable to back up and requires intervention to resume backing up.


d Backup set name

Name of the backup set. By default, backup set name is based on your device name.

e Backup destination status message

Describes detailed status information about the backup destination.

f Pause

Pauses backup to the destination for 24 hours.

g Run backup now

Starts backup on a destination that is waiting for its next scheduled backup. Once initiated, backup will continue until it's complete, even if it extends beyond the scheduled end time. This option is unavailable outside of your backup schedule.

h Gear menu Contains a menu of options.

Gear menu

gear menu

Item Description
a Open Code42 Opens the Code42 app.
b Pause All Backups Sets a temporary time period to pause all backups and downloads, ranging from one hour to one day. You can't download or back up files while the Code42 service is paused.
c Preferences
Mac only
Sets preferences for the menu bar app's behavior.
- Options
Windows only
Set preferences for notification area app's behavior.
d Quit Menubar App
Mac only
Closes the menu bar app.
The icon is removed from the menu bar.
- Exit
Windows only
Closes the notification area app.
The icon is removed from the notification area.
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