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How does CrashPlan detect away and present settings?

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    CrashPlan adjusts settings, such as CPU and bandwidth usage, based on if a user is using the device or if a user is away from the device. This article explains how CrashPlan detects when a user is present or away and explains dependencies for this detection, so you can ensure that CrashPlan is using the correct settings.

    Detect status

    The method CrashPlan uses to detect away/present status depends on your operating system and your version of the CrashPlan app, as described below.


    CrashPlan version 5.1.x and later

    In CrashPlan app version 5.1 and later of the CrashPlan app, CrashPlan relies on mouse and keyboard activity to determine if you are using your device. It may take CrashPlan up to 30 seconds to detect a change in status.

    CrashPlan version 5.0.x

    CrashPlan relies on the menu bar tray app to determine user status. If you do not launch the menu bar application, CrashPlan defaults to using the "away" setting. As a result, CrashPlan may use more CPU and resources on your device.

    To utilize your present setting, make sure the CrashPlan icon is visible in the notification area. If the notification area app is not running, open it from the CrashPlan app:

    1. Open the CrashPlan app.
    2. Select Details.
    3. Select the arrow next to your device name.
    4. Choose Device Preferences.
    5. From General, select Display Code42 CrashPlan icon in notification area on login.

    OS X

    CrashPlan for OS X relies on mouse and keyboard activity to determine if you are using your device.


    CrashPlan for Linux always uses the away setting.