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Why does my Mobile app report something different from my account page?

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    This article explains the difference between the percentage shown on the CrashPlan mobile app and the percentage shown on you My Account page. Your file selection may not be 100% backed up if you receive an email warning that "you haven’t backed up to CrashPlan for over 3 days or more".

    Under the hood

    My Account and the CrashPlan mobile app display two different reports: Last Connected date and Last Backed Up date.

    My Account displays the Last Connected date and percentage. This tells you the last time CrashPlan backed up new data. The backup may not have reached 100%.

    Last Connected My Account

    The CrashPlan mobile app displays the Last Backed Up date. This is the last time CrashPlan was able to back up your file selection to 100%.

    Last Connected