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This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.

Other available versions:

Version 6 | Version 5icon.qnmark.png

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Why are files "missing" from my backup selection?

This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.

Other available versions:

Version 6 | Version 5icon.qnmark.png


If the CrashPlan app reports that files are "missing" from your backup selection, it is most likely because the files and folders have moved, or because a drive is disconnected or recently replaced. This troubleshooting article describes how to ensure that all of your files are backing up, regardless of whether or not they have moved.

Recommended solution

Moved folders or files

Commonly, folders or files that display as missing have simply moved to a location outside your file selection. For example, if you were previously backing up files stored on an external drive that failed, then restored those files to a new location on your computer, you may need to add the new location of the files to your backup file selection.

When files move to a location outside of your backup file selection, it's important to add the new location to your backup file selection and leave the original location selected until CrashPlan compares the already-backed-up files to the files in the new location (a process known as de-duplication).

Read our tutorial on moving files to a folder outside your file selection for full details on adding the new file locations to your backup selection, and options for removing the old location (after de-duplication occurs).

External drive

When the CrashPlan app reports an external drive as missing, it is most commonly a result of the drive name or letter changing. If the drive name or letter has not changed, try scanning the file selection using the steps below to see if the CrashPlan app detects the drive.

  1. Go to Settings > Backup.
  2. Locate the Verify Selection Every setting and click Now.Verify file selection now
Failed external drive
If you were previously backing up an external hard drive that failed, and you would like to restore the files from that drive on new external hard drive, follow our instructions for restoring files after replacing a drive.
Do not use UNC file paths
The CrashPlan app does not support backups of UNC file paths (such as //SERVERNAME/Users/). If you include UNC paths in the backup file selection, the files appear to back up properly, but those files cannot be restored.

File selections must use an absolute path with a drive letter (such as C:/Users/) to make sure the files are backed up and restorable. 

Deleted files

If the file or folder has been deleted from the computer (and you didn't want it to be), you can restore the deleted file to its original location from the Restore tab.