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This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.

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Troubleshoot network issues

This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.


Connection issues to a backup destination can be caused by several different sources, such as antivirus software, firewalls, routers, and applications using the same ports as the CrashPlan app. This article describes how to identify the destination that has a connection issue, and provides links to troubleshooting information based on the type of backup destination.


The error "Unable to connect to the backup engine" is usually not a network error. Typically when you see this error, you are unable to open the CrashPlan app. See our Unable to connect to the backup engine article for further troubleshooting.


If you have multiple destinations, you can identify the destination with connection problems from the Backup tab of the CrashPlan app. Check the circle next to the destination's name:

  • Green File:CrashPlan/Latest/Troubleshooting/Unable_To_Back_Up_-_No_Connection_For_X_Days/Screen_Shot_2014-05-14_at_4.40.16_PM.png means the destination is connected
  • Gray File:CrashPlan/Latest/Troubleshooting/Unable_To_Back_Up_-_No_Connection_For_X_Days/Screen_Shot_2014-05-15_at_8.06.16_AM.png means your computer can't connect to the destination

Recommended solution

See the troubleshooting guide: CrashPlan Central