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This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.

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Folder backup stuck synchronizing

This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.


If it looks like no backup activity is occurring to a folder destination and the CrashPlan app is alternating between “Synchronizing” and “Trying to connect to destination," there may be an issue with the destination hard drive. This article helps diagnose whether or not drive issues are preventing backup and suggests methods of resuming your backup.


The CrashPlan app using a local folder destination.

Under the hood

There are various drive errors that may cause issues with backing up your files. Over time, these errors can occur on a hard drive, which can cause problems with the CrashPlan app.

  • Read/write errors
  • Bad drive sectors
  • File system errors (including Master File Table errors)
  • Mechanical failure


Non-Code42 products
​Information about products from other manufacturers is intended as a resource to help you get the most out of Code42 products. However, our Customer Champions cannot provide direct assistance for these products. For assistance with products not developed by Code42, contact the product's manufacturer.

Check your drive for errors with a operating system disk utility such as Disk Utility or Disk Check and review the results. You may still be able to read or write to the drive even if errors are encountered, and the operating system disk utility may not detect some issues.

Recommended solution

Repair the drive with an operating system disk utility such as Disk Utility or Disk Check, then check if backup has resumed in the CrashPlan app.

Alternative solutions

Relocate the archive

If the scan does not reveal any issues with the drive, relocate the backup archive to another location or drive using the steps below:

Copying Archives
Please note, it is important to copy the archive using an application that can verify that files aren't corrupted during the copying process, such as
TeraCopy or Rsync.
  1. Use an application like TeraCopy or Rsync, which can verify that files don't become corrupted during copying, to copy the archive from its existing location to the new location. To view a local archive’s current location, go to Destinations > Folders.
  2. Eject the drive from your computer.
  3. From Destinations > Folders remove the folder destination by clicking Remove backup archive, then Delete.
    You will be prompted that your archive will be deleted. Provided that the drive is ejected it will not be deleted.
  4. Remount the drive to your computer.
  5. Attach the archive from the new location.
    Backup resumes to the new location.

Adjust memory settings

When the CrashPlan app is starting to run out of memory on the device, it can cause endless synchronization.

  1. Check current memory allocation by running the java mx command in the CrashPlan app command line interface.
  2. If the memory is set at the default of 1024 MB, use the java mx <value> command to increase the default memory from 1024 MB to a maximum that supports your archive size. Learn more about recommended memory allocation

Next step

If you have followed these instructions and are still encountering issues, contact our Customer Champions for Code42 for Enterprise support.