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This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.

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Case sensitivity and real-time backup

This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.


Under certain circumstances on Windows, CrashPlan's real-time file watcher does not identify changed files in your backup selection if files are removed and then re-added in a different case. However, CrashPlan's daily scan will still back up the entire file selection once per day, regardless of case.

If all your files are not backed up in real time, see Real-Time Changes Not Detected.


Code42 for Enterprise on Windows


This issue may affect your backups in a few situations that are uncommon in everyday use of CrashPlan. For example:

  1. You configure your file selection to back up a folder
  2. You delete that folder
  3. You create a folder in the same place with the same name, but a different case (such as C:/example_folder instead of C:/Example_Folder)
  4. The real-time file watcher does not monitor the new folder

Recommended solutions

Change the file path on the device

You can resolve this issue by changing the actual file path on the device.

  1. Locate the affected file or folder on your device
  2. Change the file or folder to the name and case that CrashPlan expects
  3. You can view your backed up files to see what name and case CrashPlan expects.
Do not use UNC file paths
The CrashPlan app does not support backups of UNC file paths (such as //SERVERNAME/Users/). If you include UNC paths in the backup file selection, the files appear to back up properly, but those files cannot be restored.

File selections must use an absolute path with a drive letter (such as C:/Users/) to make sure the files are backed up and restorable. 

Change the file selection on the device

You can remove the files from your backup selection and then reselect the files to force CrashPlan to accept the case of the new file path.

Use caution when deselecting files
Deselecting files is a destructive, irreversible action. Once a file, drive, or directory has been deselected, you cannot restore that information. Unlike deleted files, you cannot restore deselected files by restoring from a date prior to deselecting the files.
  1. Open the CrashPlan app
  2. Go to Backup and click Change
  3. Remove the files from the file selection
  4. Save the new selection
  5. Add the files back to the file selection
  6. Save the new selection