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This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.

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Interpret email alerts and reports

This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.


This article discusses how to interpret your email alerts and reports.

What to do if you get an email alert

If you get an email alert telling you that one of your computers has not backed up in several days, first confirm that the computer is connected to the Internet and has not been turned off or asleep. If the computer is on and awake, you can troubleshoot the issue with our helpful guide.

Email reports

By default, CrashPlan emails the Backup Status Report once a week. You can set your email report preferences from Settings > General > Backup Status and Alerts.

Settings are device-specific, meaning preferences you set on one computer don't affect other computers on your account.

Understand email reports

Changes in selected/files columns

CrashPlan may report a number in light gray next to the Selected and/or Files columns. This represents the change in the selection size or number of files selected since the last time the report ran.

For example, if the Selected amount is 259.6 GB ↑175.2 KB, you currently have 259.6 GB selected for backup, and this amount is 175.2 KB more than the last time the report ran.

0 mb selected

If a report shows 0 MB selected for backup, don't panic! This statistic is based on what the CrashPlan app last reported to the server as its file selection. It does not reflect the amount of data in your actual archive.

Last completed time

The Last Completed column shows the time since this computer was 100% backed up. If the computer is still in its initial backup and has never been 100% backed up, this column displays Last Activity, the amount of time since there was any backup activity from this computer.

If one or more files fail to back up for any reason, then your backup isn't considered complete. It could look like your Last Completed backup occurred a long time ago. However, the majority of your files are probably backing up normally. For more information, see Unable to back up X files.

Backup percentage has dropped

If a report runs while CrashPlan is performing a full file verification scan, your Backed Up % may display a drop in percentage. Your backup is okay! The next time the report generates when the scan isn't taking place, the percentage will reflect the actual percentage complete.