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This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.

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08: Your backup status

This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.


CrashPlan is designed as a continuous backup solution. That means, as long as you’re creating and editing files, CrashPlan’s work is never really done. However, after your initial backup completes, incremental backups generally require less computer resources and complete much faster. This article describes how to stay informed about the status of your backups.

Check status from the CrashPlan app

From the CrashPlan app, click the more info icon File:CrashPlan/Latest/Getting_Started/08_Your_Backup_Status/moreInfo.png for a particular backup destination to view CrashPlan's To do list. The To do list reports the number of files left to back up, as well as the total size of those files.

As your initial backup completes, CrashPlan's To do list shrinks. The CrashPlan app reports Backup complete when there are zero files left to back up.

Backup status and open files
If you have files open when you view the CrashPlan app, it is not uncommon for this list to report a small number of files that need backing up, even when the bulk of your backup is complete. However, if your backup never reaches 100%, you can check the History tab for the message Unable to backup (number of) files and troubleshoot the issue.

Backup status

Note: If there isn't a one-to-one relationship between the number of files you have recently created or edited and CrashPlan's To do list, it's nothing to worry about. CrashPlan is simply counting the behind-the-scenes files that you don't typically interact with (or even see!).

Backup status reports and alerts

CrashPlan emails you backup status reports and alerts to keep you informed about your backup status, including:

  • Backup Status Report: Contains helpful statistics about your backup activity
  • Warning Alert: Sends an alert when your computer hasn't backed up, to any destination, for three days (default setting)
  • Critical Alert: Similar to a warning but sends when your computer hasn't backed up, to any destination, for five days (default setting)

To adjust when reports are sent, and the thresholds for warnings and alerts, go to Settings > General in the CrashPlan app and click Configure email.

Stay informed
Warning and critical alerts are intended to keep you informed about the status of your backup, and they are not necessarily cause for alarm. For all we know, you've just been on vacation for a week! However, if something is wrong, we want you to know as soon as possible. Nonetheless, rest assured that your existing backup is still safe, even if your computer isn't actively backing up.

Sample backup report

Here's a sample backup report of one computer backing up to three destinations.

Backup status report

Checking your backup report
If your backup has already completed once, make sure that the Last Completed time is relatively recent. If your backup hasn't completed, check to make sure that your Last Activity is recent.

Check status from the CrashPlan web app

You can also check your backup status online from the CrashPlan web app. The CrashPlan web app reports the percentage of your backup that is complete, as well as the length of time that's elapsed since the computer last started a backup.

To check your status from the CrashPlan web app:

  1. Go to the CrashPlan website
  2. Click Login
  3. Enter your email and password to sign in
  4. Click Computers

My Computers screen

What's next?

Even if your initial backup takes awhile, you can start restoring files almost immediately! Click Next below to learn about restoring files.