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Protect your data after a computer is stolen

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    If your computer is stolen, you can take a few simple steps to protect your CrashPlan backup. This article describes best practices for protecting your CrashPlan backup after a theft, as well as next steps for recovering your data from a new computer.

    Note: If you use CrashPlan for Small Business (previously CrashPlan PRO) or Code42 for Enterprise, and your computer is stolen, contact your CrashPlan administrator immediately.

    Update your password and settings

    After your computer is stolen, we recommend changing the password for any sensitive accounts, including CrashPlan, in case that information was saved on your computer. We also recommend requiring your account password to access the CrashPlan app. This ensures unauthorized users cannot access your backed up files or make changes to your account settings.

    Step 1: Change CrashPlan account password

    1. Sign in to the CrashPlan web app
    2. From the Profile section, click Change Password
    3. Provide your Current and New passwords to complete the form
    4. Click Change Password

    Change password form

    Change password from the CrashPlan app
    Alternatively, you can change your account password from the CrashPlan app on any other computer associated with your account. To change your account password from the CrashPlan app, go to Settings > Account and enter your current and new password. You account password applies to all of the computers on your account.

    Step 2: Require password to open the CrashPlan app

    As an additional layer of protection, you can require your account password to open the CrashPlan app.

    1. Sign in to the CrashPlan web app
    2. Select Computers
    3. Click the name of the stolen computer
    4. Click Modify Settings
    5. From Security Settings, select Require password to access CrashPlan desktop
    6. Click Save
      If you are using a public computer, be sure to sign out of the CrashPlan web app when you are done

    Require password

    Last known IP address

    The CrashPlan web app displays the IP address that your computer last used to connect to CrashPlan. You may want to report this address to the authorities.

    To locate the last known IP address:

    1. Sign in to the CrashPlan web app
    2. Select Computers
    3. Locate the Last Known IP for the stolen computer

    Note: If your computer hasn't connected to the Internet since it was stolen, the IP address displayed may be the last location from which you connected it to the Internet.

    Recover your files

    You can access any of the files on the stolen computer that are backed up to CrashPlan Central from the CrashPlan web app. When you are ready to replace the stolen computer, follow our instructions for replacing your computer to restore all of your files to the new computer.