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This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.

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Cloud destinations reference

This article applies to Code42 for Enterprise version 4.


Use the online destination's tab to manage your cloud destination, if applicable.

Cloud / online

Destinations Online

Item Description
a Online services List of available online destinations, such as CrashPlan Central (CrashPlan For Home users) or Code42 for Enterprise Servers in your organization. You can back up to these destinations. Click a destination to view destination details.
b Progress bar indicates the status of current backup or time since last backup to this destination.
c Space quota

Amount of space allocated for your backup archive on this computer. Unlimited means that there are no space restrictions.

d Space used Amount of space your archive has used on this computer.
e Compact Reclaims space in the backup archive by immediately applying file selection or retention policy changes (such as how many versions to keep and how long to keep deleted files). Click the Compact button when you want to reclaim space sooner than specified with the “Maintain archives…” setting.
f Internet address The public IP address of the destination cloud storage.
g Connection status How long this computer has been connected to the cloud storage. If the computer is not currently connected, the Retry button appears.
h Remove Backup Destination

Discontinue using the selected destination as a backup destination.

Warning: After you click this button and click Save, the backup archives on this destination will be removed.
i Undo Changes Click to set the features back to previous settings (same effect as cancel).
j Save Click to apply changes.