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Back up Dropbox

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Small Business (Mac only)
  • CrashPlan PROe


CrashPlan can back up your Dropbox folder just like any other folder containing personal files. Backing up your Dropbox folder is a great way to protect yourself against accidentally deleted files. This tutorial explains how to update your file selection to include Dropbox folders and files.

Non-Code42 products
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Files and folders placed in your Dropbox folder are stored directly on your computer's hard drive. CrashPlan can back up these files as long as they are included in your backup file selection.


To back up files and folders from your Dropbox folder, simply add them to your backup file selection:

  1. Go to Backup and click Change

Change file selection

  1. Navigate to the drive, folder or files that you want to add or remove, then:
    • Deselect the check box next to any item you want to remove from your backup
    • Select an empty box to add an item to your backup
    • A solid square File:Content_Library/CrashPlan_Stories/Changing_Your_File_Selection/WindowsSelected.png (Windows), or a minus sign File:Content_Library/CrashPlan_Stories/Changing_Your_File_Selection/osxSelect.png (OS X), indicates that a subfolder within this folder is selected for backup
    • A check mark File:Content_Library/CrashPlan_Stories/Changing_Your_File_Selection/checkbox.png indicates that this folder is selected for backup
  2. Click Save
    If you deselected any files or folders, a warning appears
  3. If applicable, select I understand to confirm your changes
  4. Select Ok
    After changing the file selection, CrashPlan synchronizes the files selected for backup with the files already backed up to that destination

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