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Use CrashPlan for Small Business to protect data when employees leave


Roughly half of all employees admit to taking their employer's data with them when they leave. When an employee leaves your company, you must properly manage account deactivation while retaining user files. This article provides best practices for using CrashPlan for Small Business to keep company data secure when employees leave.   


  • The procedures described here are suggestions, not requirements, for using CrashPlan for Small Business to handle employee departures at your organization. Be sure to adjust the tasks described in this article as needed to work with your company's own processes for offboarding employees.
  • You must be an administrator user to perform the tasks in this article.

Step 1: Retain the departing employee's files

Before you deactivate the user who is departing, retain their files by restoring them:

Restore files from the employee's device

Use the Code42 app installed on the employee's computer to download their files. This method gives you the ability to restore all the user's files in one session, without a file size limit. To use the Code42 app to download the user's files, first reset the user's CrashPlan for Small Business password, then sign in to the Code42 app on their device: 

  1. Navigate to the Code42 console
  2. Enter the user's CrashPlan for Small Business username (email address). 
  3. Select Forgot Password
  4. Follow the password reset instructions sent to the user's email. 
  5. Sign in to the Code42 app on the employee's device and restore files
  6. Transfer the user's files to your desired location, as needed, so that the right employees have access to them.  

Restore files from the Code42 console

Perform a zip file restore to download the user's files from the Code42 console. This method gives you the ability to restore the user's files from any computer, however, downloads are limited to 250 MB per session. For example, you can download the departing employee's files onto the device of a colleague taking over their projects. 

Step 2: Deactivate the user

When an employee leaves, you must deactivate the userWhen you deactivate a user, the user is signed out of all devices and online sessions, and the user cannot sign in to any part of your CrashPlan for Small Business environment (either the Code42 app or the Code42 console).

See Deactivate and reactivate users and devices in CrashPlan for Small Business for more information.

Deactivate departing employees on their departure date
Deactivate the employee's CrashPlan for Small Business account on their departure date to prevent them from signing in to the CrashPlan for Small Business environment and getting access to company data after they leave.
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