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Crashplan device cannot connect due to deep packet inspection


A device running the Code42 app cannot connect to a destination because an administrator is using deep packet inspection to examine traffic from devices to the Code42 cloud. This article describes the problem and how to resolve it.


The Code42 app connects to the Code42 cloud then disconnects immediately.


Communication between devices and the Code42 cloud uses transport-layer security (TLS). When an administrator uses a deep packet inspection tool to examine Code42 traffic, it can interfere with TLS.

Deep packet inspection is a common technique for analyzing traffic going over 443 and works well in most situations. However, using deep packet inspection for TLS traffic over port 443 can cause communication interruptions. 

Recommended solution

To resolve the issue, we advise you to either turn off deep packet inspection altogether, or add our our IP addresses to the allowlist in the deep packet inspection tool.

Also do the following:

For more ideas to resolve connection problems, see Cannot connect to destination (CrashPlan).

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