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Data Preferences reference


  • This functionality is available only when supported by your product plan. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for assistance with licensing, or to upgrade to an Incydr product plan. If you do not know your CSM, please contact our Customer Champions.

  • To use this functionality, Incydr users must be assigned specific roles. For more information, see Permissions for Incydr


Adding trusted domains helps focus your investigations on file activity that may be a higher risk by not showing trusted file activity on the Risk Exposure dashboard, detection lists, and alerts. All file activity, including trusted file activity, is available to view in
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Item Description
a Domain list

List of domains you trust. File events from domains in this list are excluded from:

b Edit

Click Edit to add or remove domains.

  • To add multiple domains, enter a comma-separated list.
  • File activity on a specific domain is only considered trusted starting the date the domain was added to this list. File activity that occurred before the domain was added is considered untrusted.
  • Do not include https:// in the trusted domain entry.
  • Including www in the trusted domain entry is optional. The www prefix is ignored when evaluating trust.
  • Only the domain is evaluated for trust. The protocol (https://) and characters after the top-level domain (TLD) are ignored. For example, for file activity on, only is evaluated for trust.
  • For email activity, a trusted domain entry of trusts activity from all users with email addresses on the domain. Trusting specific email addresses is not supported.
  • Optionally, use the asterisk (*) character as a wildcard for partial domain names. For example, enter * to trust
  • all subdomains ofany domain ending with ".corp.". See below for more guidance and warnings about wildcards.
WildcardsUse wildcards carefully to minimizeintroduce  risk
Using a wildcard character , especially at the end of a trusted domain, may lead to unintentionally trusting unknown or malicious domains. For example, a trusted domain value of examplecorp* would trust not only, but also any domain starting with examplecorp, such as,, and

To trust both a parent domain and all subdomains, we do not recommend an overly inclusive wildcard value, such as * Instead, add these two values to minimize risk:
  • *

Since the first entry does not include a wildcard, it only trusts activity that matches the domain exactly. In the second entry, including a period (.) after the wildcard ensures only subdomains of your legitimate domain are trusted.


  Trusted domain entry
   <<<   More secure                                                                                    Less secure  >>>
Activity on: *.example.comexample example * example* *example* Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No No No Yes No Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes


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