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Upgrade Version To Version 4.1.6

Applies to:
  • Code42 for Enterprise


This tutorial describes how to upgrade your Code42 environment from enterprise server version to version 4.1.6.

Affected Code42 Platform components

The upgrade from to 4.1.6 includes the following upgrades. View 4.1.6 release notes for details.

Upgraded Not Upgraded
  • Enterprise server
  • CrashPlan app
  • SharePlan app
  • SharePlan mobile app

Version compatibility

Code42 platform version 4.1.6 is compatible with the following components.

Component Compatible Versions
Code42 Code42 server 4.1.6*
Code42 app

All operating systems:

  • 3.7*
  • 3.6.4
SharePlan app
  • Windows: 4.1.6*
  • Mac: 4.1.6*
SharePlan mobile app
  • Android: 4.1.6*
  • iOS: 4.1.6*

* Indicates this version is bundled with Code42 platform version 4.1.6

What to expect

Change for custom roles

In version 4.1.6, the ability to restore data from the CrashPlan app has been moved to a user permission, cpd.restore. As part of the upgrade process, your custom roles will be updated to reflect this change. Specifically, all custom roles that contain the permission cpd.login will also have the new permission cpd.restore.

For more information on custom roles, see Best Practices For Custom Roles & Permissions.

Upgrading your server

When you apply the upgrade, the enterprise server service shuts down and performs the upgrade tasks. When the upgrade tasks are complete, the enterprise server service starts up automatically.

Most server upgrades take 5-10 minutes to complete; however, upgrades in larger environments may take 15-30 minutes or more, depending on the size of the environment.

If you have more than one Code42 server, upgrade the authority server first.

Managed appliance Upgrades
If your authority server is a Code42 managed appliance, our Customer Champions work with you to upgrade your Code42 environment. Do not attempt to upgrade your environment on your own.

Upgrading Linux Enterprise Servers

If you upgrade a Linux enterprise server that does not have the unzip utility, the upgrade process will log several failed attempts to run unzip. However, the upgrade process will complete successfully using a Java unzip utility instead, so the log entries are not a cause for concern.

Upgrading your devices

Devices with the Code42 app or SharePlan app upgrade automatically once you enable the device upgrade. We recommend testing the upgrade on a single Code42 app or SharePlan app device before enabling automatic upgrades for all of your devices. Please review Best Practices for Upgrading Your Devices prior to upgrading.

Once you enable device auto-upgrade, you must restart your authority server before your devices can upgrade. When the authority server has restarted, devices reconnect to the upgraded authority server at a randomized interval of 1–15 minutes. Devices download their upgrades from the authority server over TCP port 4280 and upgrade themselves automatically. The randomized re-connect interval means that after the authority server comes back online, there may be a delay before all devices have successfully upgraded.

Upgrade instructions

If you have only one enterprise server, read the full instructions at Upgrading Your Single-Server Environment From Version To Version 4.1.6.

If you have more than one enterprise server, read the full instructions at Upgrading Your Multi-Server Environment From Version To Version 4.1.6.

Troubleshooting your upgrade

If you encounter issues during the upgrade process, troubleshooting information, including what information to provide to a Customer Champions when reporting upgrade issues, is available in Troubleshooting The Upgrade From Version To Version 4.1.6.

If you have any questions about upgrading your Code42 environment, please contact our Customer Champions.