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CrashPlan PRO automatically subscribes after trial

Available in:

  • CrashPlan PRO
    • Standard
    • Premium
    • Enterprise


We offer a free 30-day trial of CrashPlan PRO that can be installed on as many computers as you want. At the end of the trial, your CrashPlan PRO trial automatically becomes a paid subscription. If you want to end your trial without a subscription, you must cancel during the trial period.

Before you begin

In order to manage your CrashPlan PRO subscription, your user account must be the Subscription Administrator. Your organization can have only one subscription administrator, but you can change your organization's subscription administrator.

Recommended solution

To cancel your trial before it becomes a paid subscription:

  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan PRO administration console.
  2. Go to Account.
  3. Select View Current Billing Information.
  4. Follow the prompts to cancel your CrashPlan PRO subscription.