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Tax exemption information for CrashPlan PRO

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CrashPlan PRO subscriptions are available for tax-exempt organizations to ensure you are not charged tax for your subscription. This tutorial explains how to enter information for tax-exempt organizations, including VAT, for CrashPlan PRO.

This process is slightly different depending on whether your organization is inside the United States or outside the United States.


In order to manage your CrashPlan PRO subscription, your user account must be the Subscription Administrator. Your organization can have only one subscription administrator, but you can change your organization's subscription administrator.

Organizations in the US

If your organization is within the United States, you can enter tax exemption information by emailing a tax exemption form and confirming your company name in our records.

Step 1: Submit a tax exemption form

  1. Obtain a tax exemption for your organization from your state's Department of Revenue.
    Each state requires its own tax exemption form. Code42 cannot provide tax exemption forms.
  2. Fill out the tax exemption form and include the following seller of record information:
    • Seller:
      Digital River, Inc.
    • Address:
      10380 Bren Rd. W.
      Minnetonka, MN 55343
      (952) 253-1234
  3. Gather receipts for any orders from Digital River (CrashPlan PRO's payment processor) that have incurred tax.
  4. Email your tax exemption form and any orders that have incurred tax to the following email address:

Step 2: Update your CrashPlan PRO billing information

After you submit your tax exemption information, your subscription administrator must update your CrashPlan PRO billing information. Your company name in CrashPlan PRO must exactly match the company name provided on your tax exemption form.

  1. Open your CrashPlan PRO account's Address Information.
  2. Sign in with your CrashPlan PRO username and password.
  3. Under Saved Addresses, click Edit to update your company name.
  4. Change the Company Name to exactly match the company name provided on your tax exemption form.
  5. Click Submit to save your changes.

Your exemption will be processed the next time your subscription renews.

Organizations outside the US

If your organization is outside the United States, you must complete a new CrashPlan PRO purchase to enter your tax exemption (VAT) information. After completing a new purchase, you can cancel your existing subscription without being billed simultaneously for both subscriptions. The new subscription does not have any effect on your existing backups.

Step 1: Count your devices

  1. Sign in to your administration console.
  2. Go to Account.
  3. In the upper right, note the number of devices under your CrashPlan PRO account.

Step 2: Purchase a new CrashPlan PRO subscription

  1. Open this special order link.
  2. Under Qty (quantity), enter the number of devices under your CrashPlan PRO account.
  3. Click the refresh button to the right of Qty to update the Sub-Total price in the purchase form.
  4. Click Agree And Continue.
    If prompted, sign in with your CrashPlan PRO username and password.
  5. On the Checkout screen, complete all the fields, including the fields for Company Name and your country.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. When prompted, add your VAT ID, including your country code.
    Example: NL123456789B99
  8. Complete the remaining steps normally to finish your new subscription purchase.

Step 3: Cancel your previous subscription

Cancel your previous CrashPlan PRO subscription to avoid being billed simultaneously for two subscriptions.

  1. Go to your Subscriptions.
    If prompted, sign in with your CrashPlan PRO username and password.
  2. Next to the older subscription (displayed at the top), click Details.
  3. Set the Automatic Renewals option to Off.
    Your choice is saved automatically. 


If your exemption is not processed correctly on the next renewal, confirm that the Company Name in your billing information exactly matches the tax exemption form submitted to Digital River.

If the issue continues, contact CrashPlan PRO support.

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