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CrashPlan for Small Business subscription changes FAQ

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Small Business


Starting May 27, 2015, subscriptions to CrashPlan for Small Business (previously CrashPlan PRO) are only available for a monthly renewal schedule. Annual (1-year) and multi-year subscriptions are no longer available for purchase or renewal.

This change does not impact existing subscriptions. All existing annual and multi-year subscriptions remain valid until the end of their term.

This article answers frequently asked questions about annual and multi-year subscriptions.

Impact to existing subscriptions

Is the length of my existing annual or multi-year subscription impacted by this change?

No. All existing subscriptions remain valid until the end of their term.

My organization cannot support a monthly renewal term. Can we remain on an annual renewal cycle?

Unfortunately, no. Starting on May 27, 2015, Code42 is only offering monthly renewal terms for CrashPlan for Small Business. We understand that this model may not work for your billing cycle. If this is the case for your organization, you must cancel your CrashPlan for Small Business subscription. You will be fully refunded for all unused months on your subscription.

Renewing your subscription

Will my existing subscription to CrashPlan for Small Business automatically renew?

Yes, on your subscription's renewal date, your existing subscription will automatically renew. However, your subscription will renew at the monthly rate for the amount of data at which you previously subscribed.

How much will the monthly rate for my subscription cost?

You can view the monthly rate for your data plan from Account > Manage My Subscription in the administration console.

Changes to subscription offering

Which subscriptions were removed from the CrashPlan for Small Business administration console?

The annual and multi-year options for metered data plans and monthly metered data plans were removed. The unlimited data plans are not impacted by this change.

Why is Code42 removing the option to purchase multi-year subscriptions?

We appreciate the trust it shows when you choose an annual or multi-year subscription. However, because the majority of our customers choose monthly subscriptions, we've decided to simplify our subscriptions.

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