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CrashPlan PRO Dashboard reference

Available in:

  • CrashPlan PRO
    • Standard
    • Premium
    • Enterprise


The administration console is CrashPlan PRO's browser-based administration environment. Use it to view, manage, and monitor your CrashPlan PRO environment.

When you sign in to the CrashPlan PRO administration console, the dashboard appears first. Use the dashboard to easily monitor the activity in your CrashPlan PRO environment.

See Administration Console Overview for details about all features of the administration console.


To view the Dashboard, sign in to the CrashPlan PRO administration console.

CrashPlan PRO Dashboard

Dashboard reference
Item Description
a Usage Contains information about active sessions, archive size, and backup restores.
b Average Storage Per User Average storage consumed by each user in your CrashPlan PRO environment.
c Largest Archive The largest user archive in your entire deployment.
d Online Devices The number of devices connected to the Code42 cloud. This number includes devices backing up as well as devices that are connected, but not currently backing up.
e Storage Utilization

The 20 users with the largest backups. Mouse over each section to display the associated username and amount of data backed up for that user. Each segment of the pie chart is also a hyperlink taking you to the specified user's details screen.

f Last 30 Days Total number of restores initiated across your entire deployment in the past 30 days.
g Files Restored Total number of files that have been restored within your organization in the past 30 days.
h Size Restored The total size of all data restored within the past 30 days.
i Backup Restores Total number of restores initiated each day for the past 30 days.
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