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Small Business
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Set up CrashPlan for Small Business

Available in:

Small Business


Welcome to CrashPlan for Small Business! Our goal is help you get the most out of your free trial and set you up for success. This one-stop guide provides basic instructions for getting started with CrashPlan for Small Business.

About your free trial

You can add as many users and devices as necessary during your free trial. If you haven't signed up for a CrashPlan for Small Business free trial yet, start here

Step 1: Add users

Step 2: Add devices 

Step 3: Back up your most important data

Step 4: Restore files

Step 5: Monitor the health of your backup with status reports 

Step 6: Manage your subscription 

Additional Resources

Explore the support site for additional information and resources, such as an overview of the administration console and the Code42 app.

Articles for CrashPlan for Small Business
When using the support site, note that articles with CrashPlan for Small Business checked at the top of the page, like this one, apply to CrashPlan for Small Business. 

Need further help? See Contact support for more information about how to contact our Customer Champions.