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Upgrade from CrashPlan for Home to CrashPlan PRO

Available in:

  • CrashPlan PRO
    • Standard
    • Premium
    • Enterprise


This article describes how to transition from CrashPlan for Home with a subscription to CrashPlan PRO.


Backup cannot be transferred
CrashPlan for Home and CrashPlan PRO use different infrastructures, and your CrashPlan for Home backup cannot be transferred to your CrashPlan PRO account. You must restart your backup under your CrashPlan PRO account.

Cancel your CrashPlan for Home subscription

  • Canceling a subscription means automatic renewals no longer occur.
  • You can continue to back up and restore your files for the length of the subscription, even if you decide to cancel it.
  • CrashPlan subscriptions are non-refundable. Therefore, consider waiting until closer to the time your subscription ends to make a change.
  • For continuous backup protection as you transition your subscription, wait until your CrashPlan PRO backup completes before cancelling your CrashPlan for Home subscription.
Contact support
Chat with a Customer Champion or submit a ticket if you have questions about timing your transition or if you would like to completely remove your CrashPlan for Home account.

Reuse the same email account

An email address can only be associated with a single account. If you would like to use the same email address for CrashPlan PRO as you have been using for CrashPlan for Home, you must change the email associated with your CrashPlan for Home account:

  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan web app.
  2. Change the email address under Profile.
    Example: Modify the email address by adding "deactivated_" to the beginning of your CrashPlan for Home email address
  3. Click Save.


  1. Perform a complete uninstall of CrashPlan for Home.
    Follow the Complete Uninstall instructions, including the removal of your .identity file.
  2. Sign up for a trial of CrashPlan PRO.
    The email address you use must not be associated with another CrashPlan PRO or CrashPlan for Home account. See Reuse the same email account above.

  3. Install CrashPlan PRO and start backing up.
  4. Once you're fully backed up with CrashPlan PRO, cancel your CrashPlan for Home subscription
    If your initial CrashPlan PRO backup takes longer than the length of your CrashPlan PRO trial (30 days), wait until backup is complete to cancel your CrashPlan for Home subscription.
  5. Purchase your new CrashPlan PRO subscription.
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