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Identify your Code42 version and privileges

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Small Business
  • Code42 for Enterprise


This article describes how to determine what kind of Code42 environment and user privileges you have. 

  • Code42 environment options: 
    • Code42 cloud
    • On-premises
  • User types:
    • User
    • Administrator

For administrators of on-premises Code42 environments, this article also describes how to determine your Code42 server version


  • All CrashPlan for Small Business customers are in the Code42 cloud.
  • All Code42 cloud servers run the most recent, up-to-date version of the software.
  • If your username is not an email address, then you are in an on-premises Code42 environment.
  • For the version of your Code42 app, rather than your Code42 server, see Which Code42 app version am I using?

Why does it matter?

The functionality of your Code42 software differs with your version and privileges. You should know your version and privileges when you:

Cloud or on-premises

  1. Sign in to the administration console.
  2. Navigate to Account > My Profile
  3. Look toward the top-center for Username and Email Address
    • In the Code42 cloud, you see only an Email Address
      (because your address is your username): My Profile page for cloud user
    • At a private, on-premises Code42 server, you see both
      Username and Email Address:
      My Profile page for on-premises user

User or administrator

  1. Sign in to the administration console.
  2. Look at the left navigation menu:
    A user has limited access to the tools in the administration console. An administrator has access to more options for configuring the Code42 environment.
    user.admin.png cloud.admin.png

Server version number

As an administrator of an on-premises Code42 server, check the Code42 server version number from the administration console:

  1. Sign in to the administration console.
  2. Navigate to ADMINISTRATION > Settings > Server.
  3. Under General, see Current server version.

Server Settings screen with version

Identify the correct support articles

To ensure that a support article matches the software you're using, choose your Code42 server version at the top of the article:
Choose the article version

In the search menu for support articles:

  • For administrator information, select a Server Version
    List of server versions
  • For user information, select an App Version
    List of app versions
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