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This article applies to Cloud.

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Small Business
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Code42 app repeatedly restarts backup or restore

This article applies to Cloud.

Available in:

Small Business


If you use the Code42 cloud or CrashPlan for Small Business and your backup or restore continuously starts, but then pauses or stops and attempts to restart again, the Code42 app may be trying to monitor IPv6 connections.

The Code42 cloud and CrashPlan for Small Business do not support IPv6. If your network is using IPv6 and you are on the Code42 cloud or use CrashPlan for Small Business, the Code42 app may try to monitor the IPv6 connections, which can cause the Code42 app to disconnect or restart during backups and restores. This article explains how to configure the Code42 app to stop monitoring IPv6 connections. 

You must have a Code42 environment with a on-premises authority server to use IPv6.


Code42 environments that are on the Code42 cloud such as CrashPlan for Small Business that use IPv6 (or a mix of IPv4 and IPv6).


You must repeat these steps each time you upgrade the Code42 app. These changes are reverted during the upgrade process.


To diagnose this issue, check your service logs to see if there are numerous entries like the following:

[01.24.18 11:45:43.452 INFO  04_NIWatcher] NIW:: Changed - added: [/fe80:0:0:0:0:ffff:ffff:fffe%net3], removed=[/fe80:0:0:0:2028:3b7b:d9a3:797e%net3,/2001:0:9d38:6ab8:2028:3b7b:d9a3:797e]
[01.24.18 11:45:43.452 INFO  04_NIWatcher ice.proxy.ProxyAutoConfigService] PROXY:: Interface change detected, updating proxy settings
[01.24.18 11:45:43.452 INFO  DefaultGroup .code42.messaging.peer.PeerGroup] PG::DefaultGroup DONE Managing connected remote peers. numConnected=5, numFailedConnectedCheck=0, duration(ms)=0
[01.24.18 11:45:55.801 INFO  ystemWatcher] MW:: STATS:UI : numWorkers=2, queue.size=0, MessageQueueStats[num=0, numSinceLast=0, handling=Counter[count = 0, rate = 0.00, rollingRate = 0.00], waiting=Counter[count = 0, rate = 0.00, rollingRate = 0.00], workload=1.000]

If you do see multiple entries, try the recommended solution below.

For more information on how to check your service logs, see:

Recommended solution

To stop monitoring IPv6:

  1. Sign in to the enterprise administration console or the CrashPlan for Small Business administration console.
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut to open the command line for your operating system:
    • Windows: Ctrl+Shift+C
    • OS X: Option+Command+C
    • Linux: Ctrl+Shift+C
      The Code42 app command line opens.
  3. Type this command:
    prop.set preferIPv4Stack true save
  4. Press Enter.
    The following confirmation message appears. If it does not appear, restart your device and enter the command again.
    Confirmation message
  5. Restart your device.
  6. In the command line, enter
  7. Verify that preferIPv4Stack true is listed. If it is not listed, try this process one more time before contacting our Customer Champions for Code42 for Enterprise support or CrashPlan for Small Business support

    IPv6 preferIPv4Stack property set to true
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