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CrashPlan for Small Business, no.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

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Code42 Support

TCP and UDP ports used by the Code42 platform


The Code42 cloud, the Code42 app, and other products in your Code42 environment use certain network ports to function normally. If you have network connectivity issues with Code42 for Enterprise, verify that your firewall rules permit traffic over these ports.

Code42 app ports

The Code42 app uses two to four outbound ports. In firewalls that protect your devices and the LANs where they reside:

  • Open 4287 for outbound messages to the Code42 cloud authority server.
  • Open port 443 for outbound messages to storage servers.
  • The Code42 app and the Code42 service run on the same device.
    Open port 4243 only if your firewalls otherwise block connections from localhost to localhost.
    • If the default port 4243 is in use when the Code42 app installs, the app uses some other available port. See the app.log file
  • To enable the optional web restore function, open port 4285 for outbound messages from browsers to Code42 cloud storage servers.








TCP LANs Code42 cloud Communication from the device to the Code42 cloud
443 TCP LANs Code42 cloud storage servers Communication from the device to storage in the Code42 cloud
4243 TCP Localhost Localhost Default port for Code42 app connection to the Code42 service
4285 TCP Browsers in LANs

Code42 cloud

storage servers

For the optional web restore function


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