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Code42 for EnterpriseSee product plans and features
CrashPlan for Small Business 

CrashPlan for Small Business, no.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

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This article applies to Code42 cloud environments.

Other available versions:

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Code42 Support

Supported operating systems


For users running the Code42 app in a Code42 cloud environment, this article lists the operating systems that Code42 supports and the anticipated date when support will end. 

Code42 supports the Code42 app running on computers whose operating systems are supported by their vendors. With few exceptions, Code42 does not support its software on computers running an operating system that is no longer supported by its vendor.

For details, see our Operating system support policy

Code42 regularly sends out email communications about changes in operating system support. For more information, see our supported operating systems announcements.

Applies to

Code42 cloud environments

Supported operating systems

The following operating systems are currently supported for the Code42 app.




Previously supported operating systems

The following operating systems were previously supported for the Code42 app, but are no longer supported.




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