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Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Small Business

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, no.

This article applies to Code42 cloud environments.

Code42 Support

Changes to the Code42 console in the Code42 cloud

Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Small Business

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, no.

This article applies to Code42 cloud environments.


After upgrading from an on-premises authority server to the Code42 cloud, you'll notice some changes in the Code42 console. This article describes the differences in the Code42 console between the two deployment models. 

How to access the Code42 console

To access the Code42 console, use a supported web browser to visit one of the following URLs:

Your credentials only work at one of these URLs. If you don't know the URL for your Code42 environment, contact our Customer Champions for support.

Additional security tools

The Code42 console contains additional tools to detect and investigate security concerns. You must have certain product plans to see all the available menu options. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for assistance with product plans. 

Risk Exposure dashboard

The Code42 Risk Exposure dashboard gives you an overview of unusual activity in your Code42 environment so that you can investigate further in Forensic Search. 

Departing Employees list

The Departing Employees list enables you to review the file activity of employees who are leaving your company. 


Review existing alerts to find potential data loss and manage rules to edit the criteria that generate alerts.

Forensic Search

Forensic Search provides detailed visibility about files on user devices, including files not selected for backup. Forensic Search enables you to search file metadata to gain a clearer understanding of file activity throughout the organization.

Upgrades and maintenance

Upgrades and maintenance for your Code42 console and Code42 apps happen automatically during the scheduled maintenance and release windows. For more helpful resources about releases and maintenance to the Code42 cloud, see:


Many of the configuration options and settings that appeared under Administration > Settings in your on-premises authority server no longer apply in your Code42 cloud environment. However, you can still configure Device Backup Default Settings like backup exclusions, file selections, and frequency and version settings, in organization settings.

To view and update Device Backup Default Settings in your Code42 console: 

  1. Go to Organizations > Active.
  2. Select an organization.
  3. Click the action menu
  4. Choose Device Backup Defaults.

These settings apply to that organization as well as any organization inheriting settings from it. 

Identity management

Improved identity management screens make it easy to connect and manage authentication and authorization for Code42. Go to Administration > Settings > Identity Management to: 

Identity management - authentication provider

Using RADIUS for user authentication is not supported in Code42 cloud environments. 

Troubleshooting environment issues

Code42 app

To access Code42 app logs in Code42 cloud enironments, such as service.log and backup_files.log, you must gather them from the Code42 app (you can no longer gather them via the Code42 console).

Code42 console

In the past, you may have accessed the history.log or com_backup42_app.log server logs for troubleshooting environment issues like:

  • Code42 console configuration changes and the user that made them
  • User, organization, and device creation
  • Errors

In Code42 cloud environments, you must contact our Customer Champions​ for Code42 for Enterprise support to get this information. 

Update documentation links

Documentation for the Code42 cloud is located in the cloud section of the support site. Update any bookmarked links. To get to the cloud version of an article, go to the top of the page, and choose Cloud.

 Choose support article version

Other changes

  • All usernames in Code42 cloud environments must be emails. 
  • A limited number of commands are available to run from the Code42 console.
  • Custom user roles are not available. Instead, use one of our predefined user roles.
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