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Introduction to Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection

What is Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection?

Code42 Next-Gen DLP is a product suite of capabilities that helps security teams protect their company's data. With Code42 Next-Gen DLP, you can:

  • Find out where critical files are and who has them
  • See all the files that a departing employee is attempting to take from the company
  • Recover all files compromised in a ransomware attack and never pay ransom
  • Detect malware on your company's computers
  • Monitor movement of files to and from cloud file sharing services
Explore detailed use cases
For examples of how to uncover security threats using the Forensic File Search component of Code42 Next-Gen DLP, see Forensic File Search use cases.

Traditional DLP versus Code42 Next-Gen DLP

Traditional data loss prevention (DLP) solutions use policies and blocking technology to attempt to prevent data loss. As a security professional, you may already know that while policies can be effective, they require a great amount of setup and maintenance, and once in place, they can block employees from getting their work done.

Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection does not use policies or blocking. It does not restrict access to files. Instead, it lets employees get their work done while it monitors all file activity. By tracking all files, you can identify where they live, who has access to them, and how they move and change. This lets you uncover suspicious file activity more quickly, allowing you to better detect insider threat, speed up incident response, and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

Watch the short video below for an introduction to Code42 Next-Gen DLP. 

Core capabilities of Code42 Next-Gen DLP

  • Collects files
    Automatically collects and stores every version of every file across all computers at a company. Also indexes all file activity across all computers and cloud services.
  • Monitors file movement
    Shows when files are moved by users to external hard drives or shared via cloud services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. 
  • Investigates file use
    Quickly triage and prioritize security threats by searching file activity across cloud services and all computers, even when they're offline.  
  • Preserves files
    Retains files for all users for as long as the files are needed for data retention requirements, security incident investigations, or litigation.
  • Recovers files
    Rapidly retrieves one file, multiple files, or all files on a computer, even when the computer is offline. Because Code42 keeps every version of every file, you can even recover files if they are deleted, corrupted, or ransomed. 

For advice about how to configure each of these capabilities to optimize data protection, see Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection best practices.

Code42 Next-Gen DLP works just as well on Macs as it does Windows. For more information, see the Code42 blog posting, Finally, a DLP for Macs.

How to get Code42 Next-Gen DLP

To get Code42 Next-Gen DLP if you are a new customer, contact sales.

If you are an existing customer who doesn't already have a Code42 Next-Gen DLP product plan, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) at

If you want to get the most out of Code42 Next-Gen DLP by moving to the Code42 cloud, watch the video below to learn more about upgrading your environment.