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Introduction to adding data sources for Forensic File Search


To help protect you from data loss, you can use Code42 Forensic File Search to monitor files moving to and from data sources such as cloud services (for example, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive). 

When you add a data source, Forensic File Search monitors the data source to capture when a user: 

  • Creates a file
  • Shares a file
  • Deletes a file
  • Modifies a file

This article provides a brief introduction to adding data sources. 

Before you add data sources

Before you can add data sources, you must configure Forensic File Search. For directions, see Configure Forensic File Search.

Add data sources

You can add the following data sources in the administration console from Investigation > Data Sources:

After adding data sources

Once you add a data source, file data for the data source is available in Forensic File Search. Use Forensic File Search to search the data:

If you want to stop collecting data from a data source, deauthorize it.