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How to integrate Code42 and Zapproved for eDiscovery

This article applies to Cloud.

Other available versions:

Version 6icon.qnmark.png

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Small Business


You can now use Zapproved's CloudPreserve to preserve data in Code42. This article explains how to configure your Code42 environment to enable this integration. Once you connect the two applications, your legal team will be able to: 

  • Preserve data on a custodian's computer using Code42's continuous backup 
  • Create a complete audit trail of all preservation and collection activities


Contacting support
Our Customer Champions can help with issues caused by Code42. However, we cannot provide technical support for Zapproved's Legal Hold Pro. Contact Zapproved for help with Legal Hold Pro.

How to integrate Code42 with Zapproved

Step 1: Create a Code42 authorizing user account

  1. Sign in to the Code42 administration console.
  2. Select Users > Active from the menu on the left.
  3. Select Add a new user Add New User Icon.
  4. Select Add Users.
    Add Users
  5. Select an organization for the new user.
  6. Enter the user's first name, last name, email address, and password.
  7. Select Add User.
    The user appears in the administration console.
  8. Choose the user you just created. 
  9. From the action menu, select Edit.
  10. Select the Roles tab.
    Edit user roles
  11. From the Available Roles list, select Legal Admin.
  12. Click the right facing arrow to the Legal Admin role.
  13. Select Update User to save your changes.
  14. Note this user's credentials. You will use this user for the authorizing Code42 account in Legal Hold Pro. 

Step 2: Configure CloudPreserve in Zapproved

Sign in to Zapproved's Legal Hold Pro dashboard to configure CloudPreserve with Code42. For more information on how to use CloudPreserve to preserve data in Code42, see Zapproved's Legal Hold Pro documentation (you must be signed in to view the documentation).

Once you have connected the two apps, Legal Hold Pro and Code42 automatically:

Next Steps

(Optional) Edit the preservation policy in Code42

By default, the automatically-created preservation policy places all of the files on a custodian's computer into legal hold and preserves all deleted files. You can edit this preservation policy to add file type exclusions, or change how frequently file changes are backed up.

Process a custodian's data 

To process a custodian's Code42 backup data, follow the steps below to download the custodian's files from Code42s matter and then upload the Code42 backup data to Zapproved's Digital Discovery Pro.

  1. Sign in to the administration console.
  2. Choose Legal Hold in the left menu.
  3. Click the matter associated with the custodian. 
  4. Click Custodians.
  5. Click Get Files.
  6. If the user has more than one device, choose a device.
  7. Choose the following parameters in the Web Restore dialog:
    • Target device
      Choose a device you have access to. This is where Code42 downloads the files. 
    • Target
      The target path parameter can only be entered if the target device is online.
    • (Optional) Restore files as of
      If you do not fill in this field, the latest file versions are collected.
    • Files to restore
      • (Optional) Enable Display deleted files
      • Narrow choices using the search field.
      • Select files or folders to collect.
        If you choose to collect a large number of files, preparing the files for restore may take several minutes.

web restore

  1. Click Restore to start collecting files.
    The Legal Hold web app downloads the files to the device and file path you chose.
  2. Upload the files to Zapproved's Digital Discovery Pro for review. 
Additional information for system administrators
The Legal Hold web app uses the same technology for file collection that the administration console uses for web restores. For more technical information on collecting files, see the administration console web restore reference guide and tutorial.
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