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Web restores fail in hybrid environments without SSL

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Web restores initiated from a private authority server for an archive stored on the Code42 cloud require SSL for all connections. Web restores fail if SSL is not configured. Specifically, instead of a window showing a list of the backed up files, the operating system progress indicator stops responding and may appear stuck.


Hybrid cloud environments without a private authority server browser connection established on TCP 4285 (HTTPS)

Recommended solution

Sign in to the administration console with HTTPS on port 4285 (not port 4280):

  • Correct example: https://localhost:4285/console/login.html
  • Incorrect example: http://localhost:4280/console/login.html

If your web restore is failing even though you have HTTPS configured correctly, see our web restore troubleshooting tips.

Under the hood

HTTPS is required to connect to storage hosted by Code42. When a POST HTTP request is made to the provider authority server on HTTP, it must attempt a redirect. Since POST doesn't support redirection, the session cannot redirect and the web restore stalls.

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