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"Unable to login to server" error when performing a web restore

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When accessing the administration console over HTTPS, web restores from storage servers may result in an "Unable to login to server" error. This is usually due to a self-signed or invalid SSL certificate on the storage server and the need to manually accept this certificate when connecting to the Code42 server.


Administration console

Recommended solution

Install CA-signed certificates on each of your storage servers.

A properly signed certificate prevents the web browser from prompting the user to accept the unsigned certificate. If you already installed CA-signed certificates on each storage server, verify that the storage server's hostname matches the name in the certificate.

Alternative solutions

Follow one of these alternative solutions if you cannot sign your certificates.

Connect over standard HTTP

On your authority server, turn off Require SSL to access console, and connect over standard HTTP on port 4280.

For web restores, the connection to the storage servers use the same protocol by which you're connected to the authority server, and connecting using HTTP doesn't use an SSL certificate.

Sign in to the admin console on each of the storage server

For a more secure option, connect to the administration console on each of your storage servers over HTTPS on port 4285, and accept the self-signed certificate.

When connecting to the Code42 server directly, your browser should prompt you to either temporarily accept or permanently add an exception for the certificate.

Once the certificate is added to the exception list in the browser, web restores should function normally from the authority server over HTTPS.