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This article applies to version 6.

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Small Business
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System error in administration console after server IP address change

This article applies to version 6.

Available in:

Small Business


If you change your Code42 server to a new IP address without properly changing the network addresses in the administration console, the administration console displays empty fields and an error message. This article explains how to repair this issue.


The administration console at your authority server or storage server displays blank fields and the following message: System error: If problem persists contact


The error occurs when the address of your Code42 server changes, but you do not make corresponding changes in your server configuration.

Before changing a server's address, see the instructions in Change a Code42 server's network address.

Recommended solutions

Use one of the following solutions:

Roll back the change and reconfigure the server IP address

Roll your Code42 server back to the original IP address. Then, then carefully follow the steps in Change a Code42 server's network address to safely reconfigure your Code42 server's IP address. 

Edit the server entry in DNS
Moving a Code42 server to a new IP address typically requires editing the Code42 server's entry in your DNS system. If you don't know how to proceed, contact our Customer Champions.

Change the addresses in the administration console

Use the administration console to resolve the issue. During the process, you can ignore the system error message.

  1. Sign in to your administration console
  2. Go to Storage > Servers.
    The system error appears in the administration console.
  3. Select your Code42 server to open its server details.
  4. From the action menu, select Edit.
  5. Delete the Private address, even if the value is correct.
    Do not change other network addresses at this time.
  6. Enter the correct IP address of the Code42 server.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Double-click the Code42 for Enterprise logo to open the administration console command-line interface.
  9. Enter this command to restart the Code42 server with the updated address:
    The Code42 server restarts.
  10. After the Code42 server restarts, sign in to your administration console.
  11. Go to Settings > Server.
  12. In the Primary network address and Secondary network address fields, enter your server's hostname and IP address. Or, enter the IP address twice.
  13. Click Save to save the correct network settings.

If the system error shown above continues after completing this process, contact our Customer Champions.

Contact a Customer Champion

If you are unable to solve the issue with the solutions outlined above, please contact our Customer Champions. They will be able to edit the internal database of your Code42 server. This is a process that you cannot perform on your own.