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This article applies to on-premises authority servers.

Code42 Support

OVERWRITTEN folders in store point


This article explains what .OVERWRITTEN folders are, why they appear in store points, and whether they should be deleted to free up space.

Under the hood

.OVERWRITTEN folders are usually a result of the Code42 server's seeding process when the Code42 app is told to use a new destination for backup. The Code42 app starts a backup and then a Code42 administrator places the backup from a previous destination in the SEED folder, waiting for the Code42 server to move it to the regular archives folder. To preserve this data, the Code42 server moves the old archive and adds .OVERWRITTEN to the end of the folder name.


It is normally safe to delete the folders with .OVERWRITTEN at the end. There are a two things to consider when deciding to delete an .OVERWRITTEN folder:

  1. The size of the folder
  2. The date (age) of the folder


If the .OVERWRITTEN folder is small, usually a few MB or less, you can safely delete it.

If the .OVERWRITTEN folder is a few GB, or roughly the same size as most of your backup archives, you should determine deletion based on the folder's date. Because the .OVERWRITTEN folder is larger, the Code42 app may have been running a backup to the new destination before the seed was done. It's possible that there could be file versions in the .OVERWRITTEN archive that aren't in the seeded archive. It's also possible the same version is in both.


If the date of the .OVERWRITTEN folder is several months, or years, in the past and you're confident the user won't need those file versions, you can safely delete it.

If the .OVERWRITTEN folder is only a few days old and you're in need of storage space, use your discretion to determine whether those file versions should be preserved.

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