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Error deleting activity profile

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Small Business
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If a user tries to delete an activity profile but does not have permission to manage all the users in that profile, the deletion fails with the error message, "There was an error deleting [profile name]. You do not have permission to remove at least one user from this profile." This article describes how to delete the activity profile.

Activity Profile Delete Error Message

Recommended solution

Have a user with the SYSADMIN role (which has administrative rights over all users) sign in to the administration console to delete the activity profile.

Learn more about roles for Code42 users.

Deleting profile removes all users
When a SYSADMIN deletes an activity profile, all users are removed from that profile, regardless of which Org Admin initially assigned them.

Alternative solution

  1. Have individual Org Admins sign in to the administration console and remove their users from the activity profile.
  2. The last Org Admin with users in the activity profile can delete the activity profile.